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Gshare Server Activation & Renewal


– delivery Time: 1-60 Minutes (working hours)
-no refund under any condition
-we are not responsible If the server stops working

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Please note: not all G-share devices can renew with the VIP package, please contact us first with the device serial number for checking.
No guarantee on the availability of services or packages during the subscription.

VIPقبل الشراء المرجو إلتواصل معنا أولا بإرسال رقم سيريال الجهاز للتحقق من دعم جهازك لدعم حزمة ال في آي بي
. لا يوجد ضمان على توفر الخدمات أو الباقات أو توقف السيرفر طوال مدة الاشتراك. لسنا مسؤلين عن ذلك وليست لدينا اي صلاحية لذلك
  • VIP packge open on Nilsat:
    12265 H 27500 : Bein 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    12604 H 27500 : Bein Max 1
    12245 V 27500 : Bein Max 2
    11919 H 27500 : Alkass Extra one,Alkass Extra Two
  • SP1 and SP2 are for users residing in EUROPE only, sp1= server only, sp2 = server+apollo IPTV.
  • SP1 et SP2 sont réservés aux utilisateurs résidant en EUROPE, sp1 = serveur uniquement, sp2 =serveur+ iptv apollo.
  • SP2 و SP1 للمقيمين في أوروبا فقط

-Renewal & Activation of the 12-month Gshare Server subscription. Activation on all receivers that work with Gshare.

-Renouvellement & Activation de l’abonnement Serveur Gshare 12 mois. Activation instantanée sur tout les récepteurs qui marche avec Gshare.

How to order:

1-Make sure receiver system is up to data

2-Enter receiver Serial Number (SN),

3-Where to find SN, go to Settings/About or server info or STB/ SN

4-Enter SN in the field above.

5-Enter receiver name.

6-Order process will take 1-60 minutes only on business hours.

7-After order is complete, just reboot receiver.

charging system: renewbox



1- The supplier remains solely responsible for the content of his packages and the availability of the channels included in his offer.

2- Some channels or bouquets may be temporarily unavailable, this is totally beyond our control

3- No guarantee on the availability of services or packages during the subscription.