How setup IPTV on “iPlayTV” on APPLE TV?


Please note: You need have Apple TV 4th generation or higher to install third party apps like iPlayTV app .



1- Apple TV 4th or higher generation

2- Install iPlayTV app it cost 3 USD in apple store .

3- IPTV subscription , if you have not , Click here  to purchase subscription and sign up.


1 – Open iPlayTV app and  select Add Playlist ( + )


2- Choose Xtream Server  option .


3- Fill fields  :

Server name : My IPTV (optional)

Server URL :

and your unique username and password  we have provided to you (We send it to email ).

Then select Save .

Your subscription will load on iPlayTV app .

Done .


You can check some other screenshot  from iPlayTV app witch strongly recommended to Apple TV owner .