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MYHD activation code

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MYHD activation code

Product Description:

MYHD IPTV provides services that give you access to all your favorite TV Channels.

Supported Devices:

MYHD IPTV can work on Android devices such as Android phones, tablets, and Android TV boxes. It can also work on PC as there is dedicated software for PC users.


Nice Interface
Contents are well arranged
Offers more than 4,500 Live TV and 1,000 VOD
Add Favorite, and channels update
Search option for easy access to content
Parental control
High-quality picture of 4K, HD, H.265

99.9% Server uptime

where can I can my code:

after you make the payment, MYHD activation code will be sent to your email, and you can see your code on your dzagame account: my account> my orders> view order.

HOW to Download MYHD app for Android:
Code downloader: 163919

myhd chanel en telegram: here


if you need any help don’t hesitate to get in touch with us


1- The supplier remains solely responsible for the content of his packages and the availability of the channels included in his offer.

2- Some channels or bouquets may be temporarily unavailable, this is totally beyond our control

3- No guarantee on the availability of services or packages during the subscription.

4- the code is irreversibly linked with the Mac address of the first receiver that uses it.


1- يبقى المورد وحده مسؤولاً عن محتوى السرفر وتوافر القنوات المدرجة .
2- قد تكون بعض القنوات أو الباقات غير متاحة مؤقتًا ، وهذا خارج عن سيطرتنا تمامًا
3- لا يوجد أي ضمان على توفر الخدمات أو الباقات أثناء الاشتراك.
4-يتم ربط الكود بأول جهاز يتصل به عبر عنوان ماك MAC
ولا يمكنك تغيير الجهاز بعد أول ربط.